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Re: return of DNS problem-fixed!

On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 02:11:31PM -0800, J Y wrote:
> Thank you all. You folks are TOPS!! I did an apt-get remove diald and 
> manually removed /var/cache/diald and it works!! my shell knowledge is
> at a fledgling level so thamks for all the help. I hope I wasn't too
> much of a bother. I went to the archives to look at the thread. I am off
> the list again. I can't always check my mail every couple of hours. Most
> of the problem is the swen. ( I must get a hundred and fifty messages
> that look like they're from microsoft, daily)  Using online email and
> x-mail's filters don't block anything that I can tell. Perhaps I'll find
> another ,better, email solution. Thanks again I really do appreciate
> your help.
> If anyone wants to email me on this and/or email ideas-I'm open. JY

Why not have your own domain, and either host your own email server, or
have it hosted for you?  That way you get more control.  Also, look at
programs like procmail and spamassasin.


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