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Trouble with local login

I managed to screw up one of my machines today (at school), to where
regular users can't correclty log into it anymore.  I get this:

No directory, logging in with HOME=/

However, if I ssh in to the machine, it works fine.  The user
accounts are furnished by the NIS/NFS server (which runs Woody),
as are the home directories via autofs.  The client (which runs Sid)
gets its autofs maps (as well as the user accounts) via NIS.  This
happened right after I added a new user, but I can't remember what
I did.  This is also very strange because none of the RedHat machines
on the network are affected.  The users are able to log into those with
no problem.

Also, the home directory of the user is mounted when logging into the
machine in question, just that the "No directory" error happens and they
are dropped into /, instead of their HOME.  I know the home directory is
mounted from the file server because I can cd into it, ls my files, and
viewing mtab shows that it is in fact mounted remotely.

Any help would be appreciated.


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