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Re: Does DRI work?

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 19:42, David W. Aquilina wrote:
> Quick question: does anyone have DRI working with the 'stock' XFree86
> installation in unstable?

Unlikely for several cards. You can go to dri.sourceforge.net and either 
download snapshot tarballs (the installation is a breeze, X setup might be a 
bit challenging though) or have a look at the replacement debian packages 
offered. If you're going for the debian packages, have a good look at 
dependencies or you might spend an afternoon or two wondering why it isn't 

> ... The only thing I can think of that can be done next would be to compile
> XFree86 from source, which is something I'm definitely not looking forward
> to.

As for recompiling X: this is for truly desparate folks with LOTS of time to 
spend. To measure the complexity of that task, take the debian packages which 
are about to reach 4.3, only about half a year after official release (there 
is some sarcasm hidden in here).

Doing this yourself is generally unnecessary.

> Even if you're not using a Voodoo card but had to jump through hoops to get
> DRI working, I'd be interested in knowing about that as well.

The main pitfalls are creating a suitable kernel (getting all the options 
right), getting the right module and then the proper libGL.so.1.2. All those 
components have to match. Given the right kernel, the DRI project tarballs 
should do a lot of good there.

Places to look for error messages are /var/log/XFree86.0.log and dmesg. Forget 
about the X servers console output, the good things are NOT printed to 
console. Also, the XFree86.0.log gets overwritten on server startup, so you 
might want to save "interesting" runs for future reference.

In  case you did some hopeless things to the X server, just purge the whole 
thing (won't affect applications), reinstall and start again; just keep a 
copy of your XF86Config-4 handy. My experience is that this method is a real 
timesaver compared to trying to undo all the stuff manually.

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