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Re: Decent browsers for Linux? Anything to replace IE?

* Joseph Jones (joe@bumpycarrot.cjb.net) [031014 03:35]:
> While I'm a huge Firebird fan, IE was better at some tasks (yes, they 
> are non-standard HTML tasks, but what can you do when that's what the 
> industry uses? *sigh*).

IMO, Mozilla is not just "decent" but way better than IE.  Among the
first things I do when shackled into a windows box is download mozilla
and get that damned 'e' off of the desktop.  (Then jump through a dozen
other hoops to make the shell barely tolerable...)

good times,
Microsoft has argued that open source is bad for business, but you
have to ask, "Whose business? Theirs, or yours?"	--Tim O'Reilly

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