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SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy

Greetings all,

The subject line is the response I get when I try to establish a link to the internet.

Debian Woody, dual booting with XP. Self-built box. All was working well. I had not switched off the computer (I usually do, because the internal cooling was not coping with Hong Kong un-airconditioned temperatures, although that seemed to have settled) Receiving 20MB of spam and viruses, I kept sylpheed running to avoid filling the ISP mailbox (next task is to get mutt functioning with spamassassin)

Noticed erratic connectivity - assumed it was ISP issues, as ifup would sort the problem.

Now I cannot connect at all via the SMC Fast Ethernet PCI card, and although XP has no problems with the internal windows modem, it also refuses the SMC card.

1. Is the problem on the NIC?
2. What is a SIOCSIFFLAG when it is at home?
3. Googling for other solutions, I see that disabling PnP may help - but not in my case. What else can be suggested?

The ifconfig is OK - although Tx errors are present with nil arriving. ifup eth0 causes a long pause for thought, with the "SIOCSIFFLAG Driver or resource busy" message.

I am grateful for any ideas.


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