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Re: International Characters

On 14-Oct-2003 02:35AM -0700, Tom wrote:
> What I don't understand is, a lot of the European developers will send 
> an email with what is obviously a lowercase-grave-accent-e, which is 
> clearly supported by my fonts, but it shows up as ? in mutt (and 
> gnome-terminal, which I've set up for ISO8859-1).  Some of the german 
> characters are a bit more unusual, but all these fonts display OK at the 
> console, just not in X.  (Haven't reading European characters in Mutt at 
> console).  How come I can't see just the basic extended ASCII things?
---end quoted text---

What is the output of mutt -v on your system?

If it doesn't contain "+LOCALES_HACK", you will probably need to
recompile mutt and pass the "--enable-locales-fix" parameter to the
configure command.

Hope this helps.



Gavin Costello

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