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Re: Gnome 2 and window manager selection?

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 22:00:23 -0400
stan <stanb@panix.com> wrote:

> When I go into the Gnome configurator, and try to go to the windows
> section it gives me an error message about "window manager 'unkown'
> not being registred.
> What window manager should I have installed?

Metacity is the semi-official window manager for GNOME 2. Check to see
if you've got that. Sawfish is also GNOME-compliant, but has some quirks
that bug me. If you don't mind compiling, you might try Openbox 3.
AFAIK, it's not in any apt repositories yet since it's still at Release
Candidate phase. But I've been running it and the "obconf" config tool
for the last week, and I'd say it's phenomenally better than the other

Todd Pytel

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