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Re: vmware with win2k as the guest os

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 08:49, shane@thehickeys.net wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm running debian (woody) dual booted with win2k on my work laptop, and I'm trying to set it up so that I can run just debian.  I'd rather not boot to windows ever again if I can help it.
> My solution was to install vmware, and boot win2k whenever I needed to
> check mail (lotus notes), or run the trouble ticket software
> (perigrine).  These apps are really fussy with wine, and I haven't had
> any success getting them to run. 
> I'm having a problem with vmware when booting the guest (win2k) os.  It
> get's to the LI in lilo, at boot up, and hangs.
> Here's my partition table
> /dev/hda1 = win2k partition 
> /dev/hda2 = debian / filesystem
> /dev/hda3 = swap
> I've found on google a link that states that the guest os needs access
> to the boot partition.  I've given the guest os access to /dev/hda1 (rw), and 
> have been trying to figure out how to give read-only access to /dev/hda2 so it 
> can read the boot partition from /dev/hda2.  Am I going the right way with this,
> or barking up the wrong tree?? If so, how do I allow read only access to
> /dev/hda2 within vmware?

I have done this exact setup on my desktop, and I can tell you two
things in advance:

1) It most certainly is POSSIBLE

Setting up W2K under VMWare is relatively easy, but using a
pre-installed W2K through VMWare is a different issue altogether. It
took me about a dozen fresh installs of W2K to get it working. For your
LILO problem, what I did is just gave full access to the drive for
VMWare. Yes, I know the risks associated with it. But this was the only
reliable way to get it to boot. Besides, with W2K it generally won't
have anything to do with your Linux partition unless you tell it to.

Once you get past the LI point that you've been stuck at so far is when
it gets not so fun. I'm hoping that you're using VMWare 4 because it
will make life a lot easier than it was with 3. Most likely, when you
start booting up your W2K, it'll hang. You'll need to boot into it
natively and set up hardware profiles. You'll need one hardware profile
for VMWare and another one for native booting. There's also some work to
be done with boot.ini (the config for the MS bootloader). Look around in
VMWare's support area and you should find it.

Best of luck.

Alex Malinovich
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