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vmware with win2k as the guest os

Hey all,

I'm running debian (woody) dual booted with win2k on my work laptop, and I'm trying to set it up so that I can run just debian.  I'd rather not boot to windows ever again if I can help it.

My solution was to install vmware, and boot win2k whenever I needed to
check mail (lotus notes), or run the trouble ticket software
(perigrine).  These apps are really fussy with wine, and I haven't had
any success getting them to run. 

I'm having a problem with vmware when booting the guest (win2k) os.  It
get's to the LI in lilo, at boot up, and hangs.

Here's my partition table

/dev/hda1 = win2k partition 
/dev/hda2 = debian / filesystem
/dev/hda3 = swap

I've found on google a link that states that the guest os needs access
to the boot partition.  I've given the guest os access to /dev/hda1 (rw), and 
have been trying to figure out how to give read-only access to /dev/hda2 so it 
can read the boot partition from /dev/hda2.  Am I going the right way with this,
or barking up the wrong tree?? If so, how do I allow read only access to
/dev/hda2 within vmware?

Thanks in advance!

Shane Hickey
shane at the hickeys dot net

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