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Re: MPC decoder

Jose Luis Ayala <jayala@die.upm.es> writes:

> Hi guys!
> I've just found a new sound format for me :) MPC (what seems to come
> from "Mousetrack").
> I'd like to convert this to something more useful for me, like mp3 or
> so. I've tried with lame, xmms, madplay... but I wasn't able.
> Does anybody have any idea of what I can use for decoding this sound
> format?

Check out http://rarewares.hydrogenaudio.org/debian.html for Debian
audio stuff [1].  In particular, the package
musepack-decoder-{386|k7|686} provides mppdec, to convert mpc to wav.
The package xmms-musepack gives you a musepack plugin for xmms.

As always with lossy compression, avoid transcoding from one lossy
codec to another (e.g. mpc to mp3) when possible:  The result will
combine artifacts from both compression formats.

[1] sources.list entries are available on this page.

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