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Re: A Selection of XMMS Skins?

begin Michael Bonert quote from Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 09:19:22PM -0400
> Is there an apt package of XMMS Skins?  I'm getting sick of the default
> one.
> I searched with 'apt-cache search xmms', that, however, didn't find
> anything.  I then tried googling--that just found me RPMS--yuck!  The
> archive (here) doesn't seem to have anything on this either...
> Does one have to individually download 'em, if one isn't into disecting
> some RPM?

I just downloaded the skins from www.xmms.org as tarballs (or was it zip
files) and dropped them in ~/.xmms/Skins/.  It's easy for a couple, but
if you want thousands of them, it could get tedious...

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