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Re: Do-all computer?

On Sat, 2003-10-11 at 21:20, alex wrote:

> I don't care whether it is one with a preinstalled MS Windows XP or 
> systemless or a preinstalled Linux, as long as it can be configured 
> with multiple Linux systems and MS Windows XP or 98SE as my old 
> Quantex is.
> I'd go for one that I need to assemble myself except that I have no 
> idea how to recognize components that are suitable for Linux, ie, 
> motherboard, modem,.......

No worries. Most stuff simply works, you especially don't need to worry
about CPU & Bus clock.
The Hardware you should check for compatibility is:
- Network interface 
- modem
- printer
- cdrecorder
- graphics card

For the Graphics card, just don't pick a too recent design; for printers
and cdrecorders, you can check the compatibility lists on the
linuxprinting and cdrecord websites.

Modem & NIC are more difficult. There's a phantastillion of different
designs and clones thereof and hardly any reasonable information to be
found on the package. In that case I suggest you simply make clear at
the time of purchase that those are meant to work under linux and that
you will return them if they don't.
This always worked for me -- I never had to return them. :)

What else? Well, I'm not up-to-date but too big a harddisk might be a
problem. If you want more than 128GB, go reading first. Also, recently
I've seen several posts from people having trouble with SATA -- maybe
you should avoid that too.
If you want to run Win98, your memory should not exceed 512 MB.

That's all I can think of right now -- though it may not be complete, I
don't think I missed something important.


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