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Re: Multi-headed X servers for multiple local users

Best solution ever seen on Linux: I am using it right
now. Have 1 PC running various flavors of Debian, with
2 nvidia video cards, 2 samsung monitors, 2 IBM Model
M keyboards, and 2 usb mice.
They have patches for 2.4.21, 2.4.22 and are working
on 2.6.0
1. I downloaded the 2.4.21 kernel
2. Apply the 2.4.21 kernel patch they have.
3. dist-upgrade to their patched X 4.3.0
4. setup the xserver/XF86Config-4

I run with 2 bootable configs: with xdm on both
monitors, but then you cannot switch to vc's, and with
xdm on the main monitor. In the latter case you log on
as the user that will be on the as yet not started
monitor and startx a duplicate X to there. Then you
log off and log on yourself. Now you have vc's.

In the future it will have vc's on both tubes. And how
many internet cafés/schools/homes/etc. have 1 pc per
user? Not needed at all: this setup can have up to 16
users per pc.

I notice no degradation at all with 2 users. What
holds anything back is having only a 56kb modem line,
but that is not going to change very soon where I



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