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Re: no volume display in XMMS

Assuming that XMMS is putting out sound but you're not getting a visual indication, you might try the following:

right click on panel
select visualization > visualization mode > analyzer

That will turn on and off the visualization on my player. But if that doesn't fix it, someone else will have to help cause that's the limit of my technical expertise with XMMS :)


Andrew Schulman wrote:

I'm just getting to know XMMS, and I like it a lot.  But I have one
problem: the volume analyzer and all of the visualization windows all show
zero.  That is, I get no volume display.  I want a volume display!

To clarify: when I say volume display, I'm talking about the window at middle left which shows amplitude by frequency band, with peak levels. I'm also talking about any of the visualization plugins which display volume by frequency, e.g. OpenGL Spectrum Analyzer. They all show zero.

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