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Re: Weather Stations

On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Bill Moseley wrote:

> Actually, there's two parts.  First we need a machine to collect
> data from an inexpensive weather station and then copy (ftp/scp) the
> data to some location every so often.
> Any suggestions for weather stations (a piece of equipment, not an
> online "station") that a linux box can talk to?  I assume a serial port
> is the interface of choice here.
> The second part is for a web site to fetch the data and convert it into
> some type of display suitable for a web page.  It would be nice to have
> something graphic (even if it is static data -- could use some animated
> image to give the effect of the wind speed fluctuating, I suppose ;)
> Any ideas?
I recall from pop electronics or maybe the back of Linux (world,format...)
some ruggedized simple data logging devices (temp, Hg, vibration) with
serial intefaces that run on batteries?
I just did a google: Bingo!

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