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Re: Switching from RH 7.3 to Debian 3.0r1


Curtis (<Naota@tampabay.rr.com>) wrote:

> I've downloaded the debian isos, burning them afterwards, but before I
> take the plunge into switching, is there anything to prepare?
> This is my first time switching distros on a computer.  Any pitfalls
> to avoid.
> By the way, I wanted to do a netinstall, so I only have to use the
> first cd.

You should backup the configuration data of your current system. You
will probably have to manually select some things that were
automagically configured in Red Hat, like modules for your sound/net
devices or the XFree configuration (especially the XFree driver and the
frequencies of your monitors from the old configuration file will be
helpfull when you setup XFree in Debian). Also, Debian will use an 2.2
kernel for installation by default. Maybe you want to use the 2.4
installation kernel. Read the instructions when you boot from the CD,
they will tell you how to select the installation kernel.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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