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Problems booting 2.4.22 - hangs at "ifstate"

Custom kernel 2.4.22 seems to boot fine up to the point where it deals
with the usb hotplug script, where there are a couple of segfaults,
but it gets past that, and then hangs at:

Cleaning: /etc/network/ifstate

/etc/network/interfaces is set up to auto lo, eth0, & eth1.  eth0 is
static (lan) and eth1 is dynamic.

Google does not seem to contain much, but there was a suggestion (with
regard to an pcmcia with an earlier kernel) that removing the auto
line would do the trick.  I am reluctant to do this, since the
documentation suggests that some startup scripts need this.

For the record, the configuration of the  kernel in question does not
differ much (and with respect to networking, not at all) from the
patched 2.4.20 currently in use.

Suggestions, please?


Cam Ellison Ph.D. R.Psych.
From Roberts Creek on B.C.'s incomparable Sunshine Coast

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