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Re: Convert realaudio to free audio ???

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 19:13, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

> > $ mplayer proprietary.rm -oa pcm -oafile=open.wav

Slight bugfix, I think that last command should be '-oafile open.wav'
without the = sign.

> How do you do that for video files?  My school does some courses over 
> the web with streaming video (WMV, of course).  After the class session 
> they make the whole WMV video available as a download.  I've been 
> burning them to CD, but I hate to keep them in WMV format, I'd rather 
> use an open format.  Speaking of which, what is a good open format for 
> video (preferably one that MPlayer supports since I already have it).

I've not tried this with video files, but I'd expect you need to use
mencoder - that will usually output an .AVI container, although I think
you can tell it to write MPEG-1 program streams, too.

As for the best 'open' codec format, you're probably more likely to get
better platform coverage by storing them as MPEG4 with an .AVI container
AKA 'DivX' since they can then be played by just about any platform, and
even some standalone DVD players (like the KiSS ones, for example)

This is hardly an 'open' solution, but more likely to be able to be
played back on any modern OS.


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