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Re: Licensing requirements ???

On Thu, 2003-10-09 at 12:06, Michael D Schleif wrote:
> OK, this is my first foray into a sale-able product, based on `free'
> software.
> I am working with a company that is writing software that is to be sold
> to their customers.  I have specified Debian as the OS on which this all
> runs; so, here I am on this list to learn the ropes of `free' software.
> Other than Debian, the software uses Apache, MySQL and PHP.
> My client wants to retain all rights to their software, and is not
> willing to release their software in any `free' software fashion.

The source code to Apache and PHP will have to be given to them,
but that shouldn't matter much.

> Also, in order to manage problems and maintain SLA's, this software is
> to be sold as an integral piece of a system -- somewhat of a blackbox.
> In other words, their customers will pay one basic price, and receive an
> installed hardware server, on which Debian and software are installed
> turnkey.
> Everything other than the proprietary software is straight DEB
> installed, so their is no issue of distributing modified `free'
> software.  However, the MySQL licensing model seems to indicate that a
> licensing fee is due them; and, I wonder about others.
> What are the repercussions to my client, as a result of this model?

Shouldn't this be discussed over on -legal?

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