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Re: Tool to bounce mails

On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 03:04:40AM -0400, Naitik Shah wrote:

> I dump all my spam into one folder (for sa-learn), and I was wondering
> if there's some script/application that can bounce those, so I can do my
> part in annoying the spammer. 
> I know virii usually fake their headers, but most real spam I've seen
>  doesnt, and some even use the bounced mails to figure out which email
> addresses are working, so I figure this might help me in the long run
> anyways!

I don't mean to flame, but I really must point out that this is

Lots of the addresses spam is "from" are valid addresses because they're
just another address from the spammer's harvested list. If you reply to
these addresses, you are almost always just spamming an innocent
bystander. It's called a joe-job.
It's a well-known standard all over the 'Net that you do not _ever_
reply to spam.

Feeding spam into spamcop.org is a good way to contribute to a long-term
solution (generates complaint letters to the spammer's ISP, and
submits them to a block-list).

Look into exim4-daemon-heavy  with spamassassin to allow you to
spam-scan your mail during the SMTP conversation and deny it at that
point, then any bounce message is actually generated by the server
that's trying to send you the spam.
(Assuming you're running your own mailserver, that is.  If you're
getting your mail from a remote POP or IMAP mailbox, this doesn't

And if you really want to start annoying spammers, go do a google search
on teergrubing. This likewise only applies if you're running your own

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