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Re: Tool to bounce mails

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On Thu, Oct 09, 2003 at 03:04:40AM -0400, Naitik Shah wrote:
> I dump all my spam into one folder (for sa-learn), and I was wondering
> if there's some script/application that can bounce those, so I can do my
> part in annoying the spammer. 

It doesn't work that way.  Bounces are generated by SMTP messages,
which the MTA that runs into a wall sends you back the error.  It's
trivial to detect non-MTA bounce messages.

> I know virii usually fake their headers, but most real spam I've seen
>  doesnt, and some even use the bounced mails to figure out which email
> addresses are working, so I figure this might help me in the long run
> anyways!

You haven't been on the net very long, have you?  Spammers always lie.
The reason the email address is valid is because some poor random
netizen gets their email address forged by the spammer.  All your idea
does is add to the misery of the victim.  Go read up on how mail
systems work (particularly the RFCs involving SMTP, and your MTA's
documentation) before trying to do more than report spam via

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