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Re: Atapi Zip detection woes!

>>"Nathan J. Malmberg" <malmberg2.5@insightbb.com>
>>Debian Mail list <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
>>Yesterday 08:22:35 pm

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>>>On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 04:08:21PM +0200, Joachim Fahnenmueller 
> >>Hi,
> >>AFAIK, there are 2 versions of ZIP drives, either connected to the
> >>parallel port or to an SCSI controller. Which one do you have?
> >>You need the following modules (you may have to recompile your 
> >>scsi_mod, sd_mod;
> >>parallel port version only: imm, ide-scsi;
> >>SCSI version: the correct driver for your SCSI card.
>If it is an ATAPI zip drive, I believe the correct module is the
>ide-floppy module.  If parallel or SCSI, see above.  I don't even
>remember what modules my USB zip drive used (before I had to put it
>down) but it was something like USB mass storage or the like.
>Nathan J. Malmberg <malmberg2.5@insightbb.com>  GNUPG ID: 8A9B426E
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I decided to reread the howto's and found this link in one of them!

It basically says that if you use the ide-floppy module with an Atapi 
drive everything will work except the eject of the disk.  It also 
mentions to use the scsi module only.  

So I decided to burn the latest copy of knoppix and see if it detects my 
Zip drive, which it does in dmesg as a scsi attachment along with my 
other ide-scsi drives.  I also did a lsmod to see just what modules it 
loaded, and my lists are very similar to the one that knoppix uses.

But I do not get any indication in my dmesg, or kern.log when I reboot 
with all the modules removed, and only have the scsi pointing to a zip 
drive device.  I am at a loss as to why I do not get a message in dmesg 
for my zip-drive. Knoppix also see's it as a Atapi 250 iomega zip drive 
so something is not right with my hardware detection.  

With all the custom kernels I compile I should at least have it show up 
in dmesg.  So in a way it makes sense if the kernel does not see the 
drive no mater what modules I try to load at boot time then I am unable 
to use the drive.  I know that I could just install knoppix to my 
harddrive and be done with it, but I should not have to due this as 
both are based on Debian.  


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