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Re: Graphing/Charting software


I don't have a million points for line graphs, although I do for maps.
For line graphs I use "gnuplot" which makes good PostScript (or EPS)
images which I can include in publications.  For maps, use Generic
Mapping Tools (GMT) which will also do first class line graphs.  it too
generates PostScript.


On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 08:43:15PM -0500, Ian Melnick wrote:
> Hey all
> Does anyone know of good graphing software that won't crash with huge
> amounts of data? All I need is a nice x-y plot graph, but I have over a
> million points. Excel has many limitations, as it turns out -- which I
> managed to get around, but not the graph preview pane, which is horribly
> slow. Don't even ask about Quattro Pro, Gnumeric or StarOffice... *shudder*.
> What'd be nice is just a simple text-based program that outputs a nice
> postscript-type graph. Does such a program exist? And if so, does it do
> anything close to what I need?
> Thanks in advance
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