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vim + termcaps + colors

Yet again I come to the group for support ...

Okay, so, I get pretty colors when I run vim from within screen, both
through putty and on the console itself.  When I run vim directly on
putty or on the console, though, the only syntax highlighting is through

I'm guessing the difference is that screen sets TERMCAP.  This guess is
reinforced by the fact that su -'ing to root from screen also loses
colors (and of course loses the TERMCAP setting).

The man page for termcap suggests that it's obsolete and that terminfo
is the way to go ... I guess I don't really care *what* I'm using, as
long as it gives me colors.

So, my question: how do I make the pretty colors show up even when I'm
not using screen's settings?  I take it I could use the same TERMCAP
values as it sets in my environment, but I think a lot of those are
escape characters that won't work properly unless I convert them?  Is
there a way to capture those settings properly?

Suggestions on using terminfo instead are welcome, too -- vim reports
that it was indeed compiled with terminfo support.  Or suggestions on
completely different solutions to the problem.

Please respond to the group OR to my email, but not both.  (Group preferred.)

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