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Re: mailing list

On Sun, Oct 05, 2003 at 09:42:13PM +0400, Denis Dzyubenko wrote:
> Seems that there are some problems with mailing lists at debian.org -
> today I received two notifications about bounced messages (btw, why
> lists.debian.org send these messages if he think my email server
> bounce messages?). Postmaster at e-mail server I am using tell me that
> there were no problems with the server, so he thinks problems is
> somewhere outside, maybe they are at lists.debian.org ?
> Problem occur only with @lists.debian.org, other maillist servers work
> without problems.

You're in luck... I wrote a bit of code last night to keep a copy
of the last bounce message we've received from all addresses.

<shad@mail.kubtelecom.ru>: host relay1.kubtelecom.ru[] said: 554
    Message rejected due to its POSSIBLE SPAM CONTENTS (#5.3.2)

The bounce handler just sees that you are bouncing messages. You
are not the only one in this situation, there are quite a few other
people getting kicked off debian lists because of this problem,
but there's no easy solution in sight.

We always email out on removing someone, so that people know
they are being removed. There could be fake bounce messages being
sent, or maybe only some messages bounces. There's no harm in
trying to send that information email out.


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