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Re: Looking for backup solutions - 40GB

hi ya dan

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Andreas Janssen wrote:

> Hello
> Dan Anderson (<dan@mathjunkies.com>) wrote:
> > I have a 40 GB hard disk I want to back up to CD.  I figure I could
> > run
> > dd but the man page was unintelligible.  Can anyone offer any
> > suggestions?

if you really wanted to use dd, onto another 40GB disks:
	dd if=/dev/hda  of=/dev/hdc  bs=1024 

	- i highly discourage dd for copying disks/partitions

	- if you use different sized disks ... the target disk 100GB
	disk will look like a 40GB disks ... 

to backup disks to cd ... you have to use cdwritting sw .. not dd

if you want to backup 40GB of disk onto 650MB cdrom ... you'd need
about  100:1 compression  and if you're 40GB is already mpegs, and 
other compressed files... it wont fit onto cdrom

	you might be able to squeeze 40GB onto a 4GB dvd backup media

a brand new 40GB disks is about $50 nowdays... ( thats 1hr of time 
to sit down and figure things out or just buy a 2nd disk )

c ya

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