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Re: how to build Debian 2.4.20, -21, or -22 kernel package for woody?

I wrote:
> > > ... to build locally for woody a Debian kernel
> > > package based on a kernel version from ... unstable?
> However, when booting, after these normal messages:
>   NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET 4.0.
>   Journalled Block Device driver loaded
> I got the messages:
>   modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module block-major-22
>   mount: /dev2/root is not a valid block device
> So, what kind of "fiddling with initrd" might I need to do?

So far, I've been hacking around in the initrd image's scripts to
see where the error occurs (adding a bunch of echo commands).

I added "modprobe -k ide-core" to make sure the IDE driver was loaded, 
but I still got the modprobe block-major-22 errors (as if the kernel 
still doesn't know (or forgets) that block major device number 22 is
handled by that driver).

Can anyone tell me what has changed in the kernel regarding initrd
images between woody and unstable?

Can someone e-mail me a working initrd image from unstable (preferably
for kernel 2.4.22)?  (Maybe tracking down the difference between working 
non-working versions will indicate what has to change.)

Daniel Barclay

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