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Re: USB mouse under X not working

No, i finally figured it out, and i thought i'd post the reasons so others running into
this can find a solution without being at for days like me.
First i thought i messed something up with a dist-upgrade so i decided to do
a completely fresh install, sigh, and of course it turned out that wasn't it.
The problem was the device just wasn't there, i had never run
'MAKEDEV input' and 'MAKEDEV usb' because i simply assumed
this was handled automatically.
Makedev gets very little attention in the debian 'manual' which is
quite suprising to me now that i finally figured out how
important it actually is especially in situations like this.
I guess this sideways hits on the 'debian for joe average' thread cause
for someone trying it out 'just to see linux' it would have been a showstopper
and a reason to run back to windows.
I'm also rather flabbergasted no one on this list could point me in
the right way with all the experts floating around here.

I have yet to install X so i'm not totally sure it's fixed now but
cat /dev/usb/input/mouse0 gies me the mouse output garbage
on screen so i assume all is wel now


At 17:57 2-10-2003 +0200, Roberto wrote:
>I guessed so, my guess is more in the direction of usbmouse which look
>like it should have trouble with hid.
> -Roberto

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