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quickest way to restore backup on lvm


i have looked at several ways to backup/restore my server. It has lvm 
and i'm not sure which restore system will work the best with lvm.
Currently i backup /etc /boot /home /root and some /var dirs. I might
make a backup of all paritions in the future.

Anyway, as i see it, i can do 2 things:
1. Restore the debian way: install a base system, install grub, move
this install to lvm. Then before getting on to the net, install my
firewall script, sources.list and apt preferences file, set the package
selection and do a distupgrade. Restore the backuped dirs from the cd.

2. Boot a rescue cd, partition the drives (lvm), make filesystems. 
Remove rescuecd and put the archives back. This will thus need to be a
full backup so it will span several cd's.

As for my questions:
1. Has anybody tried a restore like method 1 and encountered problems?

2. If i make 1 big cpio or tar archive of my partitions, what's the 
best way to split them to write to a cd. This so that i can start
a rescue cd and restore the partitions from there even if a certain
partition backup is split over several cd's.

3. What rescue cd fully loads in memory and thus allows removing the cd?


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