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Re: Installation has not created boot properly

On Friday 03 October 2003 14:37, dan oram wrote:
> I installed Debian Linux on my Windows PC yesterday.  Everything seemed to
> go smoothly, except it hasn't created the boot sector properly.  Booting
> from the hard disk it gets as far as displaying the following:
> Booting from IDE 0
> LI
> And it freezes.  I can boot fine from the rescue disk.  Does anyone have
> any ideas why this happens/ how to fix it?

From what I've seen on several systems, LILO sometimes fails to properly write 
the boot sector for some strange reasons. Try running it multiple times and 
see if its behaviour changes. If you're coming along the dreaded "a lot of 
numbers are printed by LILO" error, don't panic. That, too seems to be 
normal. A re-run (or twenty) has so far fixed every problem not attributable 
to really broken hardware.

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