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What happened to linuxconf

sorry for me beeing called "Debian user" on my system, but i was just a little
inattentive in the base-install and i am just new to linux - after heavy
virus - attacks decided to switch over. Now i don't know how to change my real
name in order to appear correct in Mails send out by mutt again.
I thought of linuxconf, because it runs well with command-line and lynx
isn't so well with webmin, and adduser manpage is just to complicated. I
just want to change the behavior of "Debian User" to "Attila Konietzka", 
Would be nice if anyone could tell me how.
I did an apt-cache search linuxconf and it dind perfectly on stable but on
testing the Message:
"e: Couldn't find Package Linuxconf" 

Surely i could edit my /etc/apt/sources.list, change testing to stable do an
apt-get update and
get my linuxconf and do it all the other way round, but for a so tightly
system-integrated tool like linuxconf it all doesn't make sense and looks
primarily like a brillinat idea but infact after looking closer like a 
pseudo-solution, because i don't know of any incompatibilities between stable 
and testing and the interferences that linuxconf might cause on 
a mixed-up-system. 

So if anyone also could be so kind and tell me what has happened to 
linuxconf i'd be very glad.
Please include me in your cc, becuase i'm not subscribed to this list.
thanks and Regards, Attila.

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