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repairing unusable console keyboard

Hi folks,

having just recently figured out xmodmap and installed a .Xmodmap
file, I wanted to see if I could make the console work the same way.
Reading the loadkeys man page, I saw that the file syntax was nearly
the same for loadkeys as for xmodmap, so I just tried running loadkeys
.Xmodmap...  not realizing that the keycodes are different for the
console and x keyboards!  doh!

So now my console is completely unsuable (e.g., no backspace), and I
can't reset it.  Short of rebooting, is there something I can do from
an xsession to fix the console?

Also, assuming I get this fixed and figure out the keycodes for
loadkeys, anyone now how I can produce the effect of these lines from
my .Xmodmap using loadkeys:

keycode 115 = Mode_switch Multi_key
keycode 116 = Mode_switch Multi_key

I want to turn the 'logo' key on my apple keyboard into a modifier key
so I can access the @ symbol on my apple German keyboard (the pre-made
keyboards don't seem to do this properly).  

Also, is there a straightforward wayto make simultaneous modifications
to the x keymap and th console keymap, so that the keyboard behaviour
is always identical in both environments?

thanks as always,


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