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Re: Please Help with Serial ATA!

Jon Earle wrote:
I'm having serious trouble getting Debian loaded on my new system.

The specs are:

AMD Athlon XP 2700+ 333FSB
MSI K7N2 Delta-ILSR NForce 2
512MB Corsair XMS 3200 C2
36GB Western Digital Raptor SATA 10K RPM
MSI GFX 5600VTDR 128
Antec Performance II SX635BII
LG 52x24x52 CDRW
Panasonic 1.44 Floppy Drive

After my initial attempt at installing Debian 3.0r1 failed, I eventually
found a Promise Fastrack 376 driver that I was able to feed to the debian
installer so that it saw the drive and allow me to partition and install
to it.  The problem now is, the first reboot.  Lilo doesn't even begin to
show itself.  No L, no errors, nothing. The system just sits there
blinking at me.

There has to be a way to get this going.  I'd hate to have to return the
system and settle for something that's a few years old, just to get Linux
to work.  Is it even possible to get Debian installed and running on a
SATA drive?

you might need some cutting edge kernel, the first kernel that supports my sata (on intel D865PERL motherboard) is 2.4.21-ac4 (SCSI_ATA).

When I boot kernel that doesn't have CONFIG_SCSI_ATA enabled the system only boots up to detection of harddrives, then freezes. Only when I use CONFIG_SCSI_ATA (you need at least 2.4.21-ac4) the system boots and recognizes drive properly (as scsi drive, /dev/sda or something like that)

you might also be able to make it look like ata ide drive in bios (legacy mode or something like that).


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