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Re: printer icon

Sebastian Kapfer had the gall to say:
> On Thu, 02 Oct 2003 04:30:15 +0200, Zeeblanc wrote:
> > I have a Lexmark z 11 printer.Until I was connected to aol 9.0 optimized
> > it worked fine the icon was on my task bar.
> Can anyone enlighten me why _Windows_ users keep posting their [CENSORED]
> questions to this list?

As I said on deb-vote recently (obviously a bit OT ... :-), I /strongly/ 
believe these mails to be email-gathering ploys.

You'll notice that many of these 1- or 2-liners are very general, with 
many possible ways of diagnosing/solving the problem.  I believe that 
this is to increase the number of replies from helpful PeeCee users who 
think "finally - someone with a problem that *I* can help with!!".

I'd suggest tagging them as spam and letting 
bogofilter/spamassassin/$FILTER get rid of them.


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