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Re: Re: Maildir with uw-imapd

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 09:34:20AM -0500, Shane Hickey wrote:
> Well, I removed the ~/mbox file, and now all the mail goes to
> /var/mail/username, which is to be expected, however I can't get it to
> deliver to ~/Maildir.  Is there a config file for uw-imapd that I need
> to edit, to tell it to deliver to Maildir?  

AFAIK there is no config file for uw-imapd. Also, uw-imapd does not
deliver mail, that is done by the MTA (if this is on a debian box that
probably is exim). You will have to change the mta configuration to use
You may also want to look at courier-imapd, which uses only maildir, and
is more configurable.


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