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Re: Re: Maildir with uw-imapd

>> Shane Hickey wrote:
>>Ok, now to my question.  I can't seem to find anywhere in the docs how
>>to change uw-imapd to deliver to ~/Maildir.  It's delivering mail just
>>fine at this point to ~/mbox, but I'm accessing my mail from multiple
>>clients, and if I leave a client open, I get mailbox locking problems.

>As far as your problem, this is what I found in the documentation:
>From /usr/share/doc/uw-imapd-ssl/README.Debian.gz:
>5. mbox driver
>This package has the mbox driver enabled which means that if there is a
>file in
>your $HOME directory called mbox it will be treated as your inbox
>and all mail in your system inbox (/var/mail/<your login>) will
>immediately be transfered there on access.
>My guess is that the mere existence of ~/mbox causes uw-imap to use it.
>If you remove the mbox file, it won't use it anymore. I run uw-imap for
>my users in a lab at school and all mail ends up in ~/mail/. That
>appears to be the default for uw-imap.
>Hope this helps,

Well, I removed the ~/mbox file, and now all the mail goes to
/var/mail/username, which is to be expected, however I can't get it to
deliver to ~/Maildir.  Is there a config file for uw-imapd that I need
to edit, to tell it to deliver to Maildir?  

Thanks again!

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