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magicdev working fine with CD-ROM, not DVD-ROM though


Here's the deal: I installed magicdev on my Debian unstable, GNome 2.2
and set it up so that everytime I put in a CD, it should automount and
start the file manager to display its contents.

And to my surprise, it's working just fine - with my CD-RW. I have two
drives, an ATAPI CD-RW that is running in SCSI-emulation (/dev/hdd ->
/dev/scd0) and a Pioneer SlotIn SCSI DVD-ROM (/dev/scd1) hooked up to an
Adaptec 2940U. Whenever I insert a data CD-ROM into my DVD-ROM, nothing
happens. If I put that very same CD into my CD-RW, it automounts just
fine within seconds.

What's the deal? Does magicdev not support native SCSI drives? Is it a
problem with that specific Pioneer DVD-ROM/SCSI-Controller or what is

Thanks in advance

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