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winbind and pam_mount username problem


I am wrestling here with pam_mount but can't seem to find the answer.  I'm
using winbind to authenticate users(from an NT Domain) and would like to use
pam_mount to automagically mount a samba share(on a fileserver in the same
domain) when they login.  The mountpoint is not their home directory, just a
directory they need access to.

Because of winbind, their username on the linux box is something like
ALLIANCE-AUSER, and their home dir is /home/ALLIANCE-AUSER.  The volume line
in my /etc/security/pam_mount.conf is:

volume * smb marauder Files /home/&/Files uid=&,workgroup=ALLIANCE - -

Here's the deal:  When they log in, pam_mount uses ALLIANCE-AUSER as the
username rather than the correct domain username of AUSER.  I've looked
everywhere I could think of to figure this out.  I'd appreciate it if
someone could point me in the right direction.


Justin Bauer

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