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Re: sudden vim problem in mutt

Thus spake Ric Otte:
> Hi,
> I've been using mutt with vim for a couple of years with no problem.
> But recently I've noticed that when I reply and begin inserting text (on
> the same line as, and right before the original message), the line does
> not wrap when I get to 77 spaces (what I have set in .vimrc).  What
> happens is that the text just continues on the next line, and I end up
> with a very long line, unless I hit Enter (it doesn't matter if I insert
> spaces in the text).  Strangely enough, this does not happen if I am
> simply using vim or gvim outside of mutt.  I can even write an email
> message to a file, and have the lines wrap when editing with vim, but it
> won't do it when vim is called from mutt.  Even more strange, sometimes
> vim will begin wrapping the lines later in the message, but I am not
> sure how to reproduce this.  I do not believe I've changed my .muttrc
> settings, but I might have changed something when pasting in quotations
> or adding vimspell to .vim/plugins.  Unfortunately I can't remember what
> I have done, if anything.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

Try using something like this in your .muttrc :

set editor="vim -c 'set notitle ft=mail tw=72 expandtab noautoindent'"

Nathan Poznick <poznick@conwaycorp.net>

"This is the part where the Zagnut is fertilized by the salted nut
roll..." -Joel. #413

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