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Re: Nat & startup

Adrian wrote:

Greg! thanks a lot! it worked fine!!!
Do you know how to add any other thing to the startup? (like any script?)
I heard about init.d could it be possible?
Thanks again, Adrian

Urrghh... please don't top-quote!

You need to create a script in init.d, then run update-rc.d to add it to the default runlevel.


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Asunto: Re: Nat & startup
Adrian wrote:

I configure NATing, but every time i restart debian i have to type de


commands again.
How can i configure it for running at startup?

Assuming you're using iptables to do the NATing, just
`/etc/init.d/iptables save active` and the rules will be automatically
loaded each time iptables is started.

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