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Re: NTP wont work as box is at 1980.

Ben Edwards <ben@videonetwork.org> writes:

> I have a box which will not keep the time.  Every time I shut it down it
> looses the time and goes back to 1980.  I thought ntpd was the answer
> but as the difference between the system(pc) and the actual(ntp) time is
> so great it won't work.
> So how can I get ntpd to set time WHATEVER the system time is,
> regardless if it is 1980.

On my laptop, I've added the -g switch to ntpd's startup, so the first
time it syncs, it forcibly resets to the NTP time if that's out of
bounds.  Doing this involved editing /etc/init.d/ntp-simple and adding
'-- -g' to the end of the start-stop-daemon lines that start ntpd.

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