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Doubts about quota


I am experimenting with the quota system in one of my Debian woody
boxes. I have some doubts that I have not been able to clarify from
the included docs, nor the Quota mini-HOWTO, so any feedback would be
very useful for me.

- Which is the exact difference between "hard limit" and "soft limit",
can I impose both limits to an account, simultaneously?

- What is the "grace" time?

- Am I safe running quota over ext3 partitions?

- Is it correct creating the quota file using the -F vfsold option to
the quotacheck command, what's wrong with autodetection?

- How do I remove a user's quota, using quotatool?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Ismael
"Tout fourmille de commentaries; d'autheurs il en est grande cherté"

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