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Re: uhci

Sidney Brooks said on Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 11:25:48AM -0700:
> I want to use a usb printer with Debian woody. From
> what I read, I must install the module uhci to do
> this. I do not know where to find this module and how
> to install it. I have tried apt-get with no success.
> This must be something that everybody but me knows how
> to
> do as everything I read assumes that no explanation is
> needed. Somebody please tell me.

The module is a kernel module; you probably already have it.  To load kernel
modules, you can use the `modprobe' command:

modprobe uhci

might work.

The kernel modules themselves are located in /lib/modules/kernel-version/, so
you can poke around in there to see what modules you actually have.

(Kernel modules are similar to device drivers in Windows, if that helps


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