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Re: Newsgroup usage question

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 10:29:07 -0500, debian.1 <debian.1@mlec.net> penned:
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> Hello:
> I'm having trouble posting a question to the lists.  I tried to do it =
> via the newsgroup, dosent' appear.  I used my subscribed address.  Can =
> one post via the newsgroup?  What settings are required?
> I am subscribed to debian-user-digest only. =20
> Thanks,
> Scott

IIRC, you don't need to be subscribed to post to the list, so I don't
think your subscription has anything to do with it.

The list had some issues dealing with massive swen attacks, but it's
"much better now."   I would try posting through the newsgroup again and
see if it works now.

I'm posting this from the newsgroup, and I've been using it for the last
several days.

Err ... just to confirm we're talking about the same thing, you mean
gmane, right?


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