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Re: Mutt + Vim tricks (replace Nano)

On Sat, 27 Sep 2003 06:48:22 -0700
moseley@hank.org wrote:
> - Justify text and respect any ">" quote marks.  ^J in Nano.
>   operates on a paragraph (command "gq}", but mapped to ^J)

    First off, make sure you're in mail mode.  That'll let vim know what
format to expect.

    gq> will to go the end of the current paragraph which is defined by a
clean line.  So in a message that is  just quoted it will reformat until the
end of the quotes.  Deleting the quote on black lines will get the desired

> - Unjustify (which is just undo in vim, I suppose)

    Erm, unjustify?  Example?

> - Paste in text with options:
>     - wrap/no wrap (sometimes pasting URLs or code that should not wrap)

':set nowrap' before pasting.

>     - indent pasted text

    Example?  ':set ai' would work I supposed.  I never did like ai when
pasting text, though.  You could also paste and then use the V mark along with
>> to indent a block.

>     - paste in with "> " quote marks.

    Not sure on that one.  Though you could paste, select with V and then
:s/\(.*\)/> \1/g

> - Spell a selected word or paragraph (although I can spell from Mutt, too)

    vimspell.  Check the vim script repository at http://www.vim.org/

> Plus, I'm looking for those features you feel you can't live without
> when working with email.  Basically, additional tips for getting the most
> from Vim as my email editor.

    Mail mode with syntax highlighting turned on and vimspell are all that I
need.  My needs seem to vary as I rarely, if ever, paste quoted material into
the body of the message or paste material that needs to be indented.

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