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Re: Cannot compile the kernel


Jon Haugsand (<jonhaug@ifi.uio.no>) wrote:

> * Andreas Janssen
>> Looks like you are missing some files. Did you install libc6-dev?
> Not that I can remember.  Shouldn't this be taken care of by the
> package system?

Depends on what other packages you installed. At least in Woody, the C
compiler and kernel-package do not depend on libc6-dev. ncurses-dev
(for menuconfig) and tcl8.3-dev/tk8.3-dev (for xconfig) do. If you are
not sure, just install build-essential and kernel-package.

> Anyway, I just saw another recommendation:
> apt-get install kernel-package
> However, I couldn't find anything residing on /usr/src, so this was
> obviously wrong.

kernel-package does not contain the kernel-source. kernel-package
contains the make-kpkg program that allows you to easily build Debian
packages for kernel image, headers, documentation and much more.

> In Redhat and SuSE the kernel just is there.  But in Debian it is
> nowhere.

In Debian you have to install some kernel source package, like
kernel-source-2.4.18 (in Woody). This will place an archive
(kernel-source-2.4.18.tar.bz2) in your /usr/src directory. To compile
the kernel, you have to uncompress the archive first.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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