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Re: how to | to /dev/null?

* Levi Waldron (lw@cedar.forestry.utoronto.ca) [030925 14:26]:
> Easy question, I'm sure:  
> How can I use a pipe to send something to /dev/null?  
> Reason:  kmail gives a "pipe through" filter option, ie send the message to "| 
> somecommand".  It doesn't have a ">" option.  It's time to start sending the 
> 400 some odd #!$@ swen messages/day I'm getting straight to /dev/null, I 
> don't even want to see them in my SPAM folder anymore.

Instead of filtering them through a pipe, how about saving them to a
mailbox (/dev/null)?  Or how about just deleting them straightaway?
I've never used kmail, but I imagine that if it supports a pipe filter,
it must have these features as well.

Otherwise, if there's really no way around it, try piping it to "cat >
/dev/null".  If it doesn't like that, try something like this:

cat <<EOF > ~/bin/sink
cat > /dev/null
chmod a+x ~/bin/sink

and pipe messages into ~/bin/sink

good times,
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