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Re: Apache dies silently?

John M Flinchbaugh wrote:

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 07:00:55PM +0200, j2 wrote:

Sounds familiar, but i cant recollect php or paache being upgrade lately..

more /etc/apt/preferences

slightly deeper, i think it was a conflict in the libs used by 2 php
modules: pg and imap.  i dropped the imap module and i was fine.  i
needed the postgres module.

the debian bugs database should have more details.

I didn't look into the PHP bugs... just found similar Apache bugs, including some duplicates.

In my case, it wasn't the pgsql.so and imap.so Kerberos library symbol conflict. I didn't need pgsql so I never installed that one, and still had trouble (in my case, apache also exited cleanly from gdb, IIRC it segfaults with the pgsql/imap module conflict). The actual problem appears to be with php4 and the new apache.

See the most recent notes on:

...for some more info on php4 deaths unrelated to pgsql/imap.



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