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Re: named complaining about lame servers when resolving

Malcolm Ferguson wrote:


I've tried to configure bind on my Woody box as a caching DNS server for a segment of the network. However, after mistyping an IP address that I was trying to resolve elsewhere I'm now getting lots of messages in the log file complaining about a lame server. Have I misconfigured named, or is this an error I can ignore? If the latter, how do I make the problem go away - restart the daemon?

Bind 9.1 (bind9_1:9.2.1-2.woody.1_i386)

Error message (repeated over and over):

Sep 22 17:12:00 ns1 named[12680]: lame server resolving '' (in '1.5.198.in-addr.arpa'?):

Are you recieving SMTP or other external traffic with a service that may be trying to resolve IP addresses to names? The IP belongs in a block assigned to UUNET Technologies, Inc. but doesn't appear to have a reverse dns record available. It also doesn't respond to ping's. If you know you don't want to deal with that address, you could drop all packets to/from it with iptables.


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