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Installing package from unstable onto stable bf2.4

Hi all,

I've been playing for about an hour now, and after much searching google.co.uk/linux I think I'm only vaguely wiser: I want to install a program from the unstable distrib since it's the program version I wish to use due to enhanced features etc. I think I'm right in saying that I need to add a line to my sources.list file to allow the unstable package list to be downloaded but I'm also seeing things thay tell me to add a line to my apt.conf to force stable to be the default distrib. After trying numerous suggestions from my searches I still can't get apt-cache search to display the relevant package and hence can't install it. The package does exist (dansguardian for those interested) as I can find it manually on the debian site. Wierdly I'm sure an older version of this package used to be in the stable package list but it doesn't show anywhere at all now.

Can anyone shed some simple light on this situ? I guess I'm missing something real obvious but I'm at a loss what it is!

Thanks for any response.



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